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Website Assessment and Audit

So, you have had a website produced for you or you have had it for a while, but is it working?

  • Does it do what it is supposed to, like an ‘add to cart’ button?
  • Is it a few years old and needs a core upgrade and function improvement?
  • Is it user-friendly? Can people find what they are looking for easily? Has it ever been tested so that everything works well? Does it work with IE9 or IE10 (or IE 11, it’s not out yet but we are not betting against it!) This a common issue – there are plenty of sites running IE6 ‘fixes’ to work on older browsers. The converse can also be true.


These are all the things that need to be considered when hosting a website. Even just someone else looking at it with fresh eyes will give you a second opinion. Websites can also breakdown, really they can. Your web service can change settings on their servers and that can make a function not behave in the correct manner or cause an error. A 4 year old website may have been set up to run very well on PHP 4.2 but the web host has upgraded to 5.2 or higher. As the website owner were you informed. Did you read something and not understand it and put it away? Have you checked? Can you check?  Would they want to tell in case the service effected you and therefore lose your business? We have see cases where a website would not display images on Firefox 2.8 because the pictures were named image.JPG and not .jpg! but on IE8 all was fine {nomultithumb}

Things to consider.

  • Is the website up to date with Google SEO best practices. They frequently change.
  • Are the pages not found, ie are links broken or images missing?
  • Does it look the same on all web browsers  like Firefox, IE8, IE 9, Chrome, Safari?
  • Does it work when using a module, like a shipping module in an online store?
  • Do you know what to check for and how to check for it?
  • Is the design working, ie does it fit in the page or does someone have to scroll to the left or right to see something?
  • Does the website crash when a page is used, this can happen when a javascript is enable on a page and can work on IE7 and not on IE8 or FireFox?
  • Are there typos and spelling mistakes?
  • Can it be improved by using trending website functionalities like HTML5 and taking advantages of new ideas?

Take a fresh look at your website. Sometimes you need somebody else to read, check and make sure things work from a ‘new’ point of view.


Important: Is your website taking advantage of social media interaction? This is changing nearly every month. Websites can now directly communicate with major websites and make the user experience easier and more enjoyable. You will be able to interact with thousands of customers through your website!

If you are told something is wrong – it can be fixed and improved = Peace of mind.  If you are told there is nothing wrong = Peace of mind.

Actual websites audit checks –

1. One quick look at a website’s SEO set up >

[ note: a very nice well designed site ].
The SEO is set up in a least efficient way – To the untrained eye this will look absolutely perfect.

<!– Meta Manager Start –>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”golf swing tips, pain free golf swing, body friendly golf swing, pain free golf, golf tips, golf swing technique, golf swing” />
<meta name=”description” content=”Body friendly golf swing technique allows amateurs to a develop swing that will allow them to play pain free golf for a lifetime.” />
<meta name=”rating” content=”SAFE FOR KIDS” />
<meta name=”distribution” content=”GLOBAL” />
<meta name=”classification” content=”golf swing instruction” />
<!– Meta Manager End –>


2. Quick SEO metadata check – A website with key words and content that should come up number one, did not even come up on page 10 of Google! Keywords changed to protect website owner but the META has been set up wrong again or not even set up.

<meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword1, Keyword2, etc ” />
<meta name=”description” content=”” />


3….stumbled on this…..
“Please feel free to email us or phone either Anthony of Chris at any time for a quote.”
Should be >
“Please feel free to email us or phone either Anthony or Chris at any time for a quote.”

This small mistake can make the site look totally unprofessional, and a potential client might think “they did not check their work – what are they going to do for me”

4. Another error on a website. Characters appear wrong, probably the result of copying from a web page. This error occurs in both IE Explorer and Firefox.

Nearly everyday we find mistakes on websites without even looking for them.




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