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Content Specific Pre-Loaded Sites

Watch this space!

What are Content Specific PreLoaded Sites?

A website that will be set up in a generic form ready to go for your targeted audience and users, such as a club sports website.

Need a site that is specific for your needs? Like a sports website with title specific sections

 “Functions and Events”, Results, Honours Board, Club News (that can easily be updated), registration forms, member’s only sections, sponsors page and more. The websites will be ready for you to add your own content in the right places.

As an example of a site configured as a news and product review website please visit

Contact us if you have any specific needs right now. If someone asks it is a need!


Stage 2 (beta release) of ‘Sportsite’ based on current needs.

Stage 2 Beta

Next Stage (Final) : Template and content construction.

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