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Websites made to work for you!

Welcome to my website websites and a hello from Russell! I offer a personalised service, calls will not be missed and you won’t ever have to explain twice what you need, there is no one else to tell! 🙂

In our terms “loaded” means “set up for you”. This means not only the website but the systems, images and content put in place to make it work for you. We will create the site and load your content for you so you don’t spend months adding content while waisting time on things you have little experience with. You can get on with your normal job!

We will also include a very easy system to manage your own content when you want to change it. Edit the page that you are reading or checking with frontend editing!



  • CMS Website creation (1 Page to 1000’s of pages)
  • Static site conversion to CMS
  • Site conversions
  • Content insertion and management
  • Website management and repair (tweaking!)
  • Website DB Management (MYSQL Opensource)
  • Website Statistics
  • Image Management and Enhancement
  • Freelance web management
  • Writing
  • SEO Management and SEO writing
  • Photography and image management
  • Google services – Optimal use of their services including google adwords and search.


What is a website CMS  or Content Management System? A Common definition of a website
Content Management System (CMS)  is:

A content management system (CMS) is a system used to manage the content of a Web site.
This allows the content manager or author, who may not know Hypertext Markup Language (HTML),  to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content in your web site without needing to know any html or design software.

In simple terms a system that allows you to manage a website without having to use HTML or have software such as FRONTPAGE or Dreamweaver for the content management, but it is more than that :


A good CMS is the framework or the tools for you to create a dynamic website – your online business hub – and it gives the opportunity for you to create a forum, e-commerce, blogs, articles, downloadable products, video sites, online communities and much more. A good CMS will also make it easy to move elements – ie the menu on the top, or right or left – or a different template for different pages if needed (and that is just the start of it!)

Web 2.0 has brought many new products and functions to the web for the user and for you as a business owner to interact and connect with them, and changes everyday.

Even just getting the text sitting in a page with the correct text spacing, kerning, image can be time consuming without having to visualise it in html first! The most understated cost and time benefit to you is you don’t need special equipment or software. You can edit your content  in the article on the page that you are viewing with a standard web browser! No need to open an html programme and upload a new file.

We can also help you with installing a site, moving, converting an existing site to CMS,  adding a payment system, extracting info from your current site, adding full e-commerce, ideas on how to drive traffic, adding video, blogs, articles, online communities, best practice SEO, submitting your site to Google and other sites, monitoring traffic (including how they get to your site and what they do), success or conversion rates of visitors and more…



Enquire today about starting or upgrading your website, onsite cms training or managing
your website (CMS or static). There  are opensource cms solutions out there and we canfind the right one  for you!

Russell Hammond
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